Paintbrush Lakes: A Tranquil Retreat By The Water

Inspired by Washington’s sparkling mountain glacial lakes and named for the “Indian Paintbrush”—a stunning red and orange wildflower that peacefully sways on the mountain breeze—Paintbrush Lakes is dazzling to the eye and refreshing to the soul. Imagine a crystal-clear series of ponds that flow one to the next, reflecting the soaring pines and passing clouds overhead. This is the setting for an idyllic lakeside experience that beckons a paddleboard, a fishing lure, or simply a good book to read on the grassy bank.

The lake shore is elegantly framed by native, towering Ponderosa pines and Douglas firs, both of which shelter and safeguard seasonal mountain wildflowers in nearby meadows.  The wildflowers bloom throughout the summer—some early, some late—ushering in a symphony of color that is forever in flux. Varieties include the Indian Paintbrush (of course), Glacier Lily, Lupine, Flax, Yarrow, Oregon Grape, and Blanket Flowers, all with their own unique dazzle and charm.

During the spring and summer, rainbow trout are stocked for a ready cast, perfect for young members learning how to reel in their first catch. A quaint path known as “Lupine Trail,” provides a scenic link to the lakes and meadows for endless adventure and exploration. This is also a popular spot for a morning run, mountain bike ride, family canine stroll, or a launching point for a hike to summit Mt. Baldy trail (5,800 feet) with views above it all.

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