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Land forward

As a member of the Kittitas Conservation Trust (KCT), Tumble Creek and Suncadia are committed to sustainable building practices, prioritizing open spaces, and preserving the pristine forests and meadows of the river corridor. Out of Suncadia’s 6,400 acres only 2,300 will ever be developed – ensuring the enjoyment and beauty of the land for future generations. KCT currently manages easements on thousands of acres in Suncadia and Tumble Creek, including the Cle Elum River corridor, along with managed and natural open spaces.

Preserving a legacy

Kittitas Conservation Trust is a local land trust born out of an agreement between Suncadia, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Yakama Nation to protect the essential habitat in the Suncadia community. The original founders envisioned that KCT would expand its footprint and protect important lands throughout Kittitas County. Even today, we have the opportunity to preserve additional pieces of valuable habitat on the banks of the Yakima River. This is a legacy that has become important to our homeowners, as they help preserve this pristine natural setting — along with memories — for our children’s children.

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More than 180 species of birds, 40+ species of mammals, and several species of reptiles, amphibians and fish utilize habitats that occur on the Tumble Creek / Suncadia property. We’re committed to being a good neighbor to them all.

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KCT by the numbers

  • 6,400+Acres

    Total land in Suncadia

  • ~2,300Acres

    Developable land

  • ~1,200Acres

    Cle Elum River corridor easement

  • ~800Acres

    Natural open space easement

  • 1,400Acres

    Managed open space easement

Our mission is to protect and enhance fish and wildlife habitat, open spaces and recreational assets in the Upper Yakima River Basin.

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