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Cle Elum means “swift water,” and its origins come from the Kittitas tribe, whose members resided here and relied on the nearby Yakima River for their livelihood. The city was incorporated in February 1902, built with a prosperous coal mining industry and a railroad infrastructure to support it. The city also had a thriving lumber business and at one point had the largest sawmill in the eastern half of the state. Today, the city has a population of almost 2,000. And of course, while the great outdoors are the main draw to Cle Elum, there are many delightful opportunities to explore quaint shops, restaurants, taverns, and other attractions in the town, such as the historic Carpenter House Museum. Here are some of our favorite places to eat, drink, and relax.


    Owen's Meats

    Specializes in high quality fresh and smoked meats.

    The Orchard

    Highlights local foods and skilled chefs as they take the best local ingredients and create edible artwork.

    Cottage Café

    In-house bakery, full service cocktail lounge, and breakfast all day! Open 6am – Midnight.

    Señor Bones

    Big Gourmet Burritos, Fresh Salads, Tacos, and more.

    Gemini Fish Market

    A premier seafood market offering the finest fresh, frozen, and live wild seafood from around the world to Seattle’s Eastside.

    Beau's Pizza

    Truly a diamond in the rough, Beau’s Restaurant is open for dinner Thursday to Sunday nights and for Lunch on the weekends.

    Dru Bru

    With 20 active taps, you’ll find an assortment of award-winning beers, ciders, and house-made non-alcoholic sodas.

    Sunset Café

    Traditional American dining that is sure to satisfy the largest of appetites!

    Sahara Pizza

    Fast and friendly delivery with every order! Sahara Pizza has a number of locations throughout Washington, Idaho and Oregon.


    Visit Stella’s for homemade and organic breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or drinks!

    Cle Elum Bakery

    Freshly made pastries, muffins, and breads.

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